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In IT, the only way to always keep cool is with our own special kind of mantra: automation, automation, automation!

In conjunction with our workflow management solutions we utilise linear single-event monitoring to ensure infrastructure availability and systems continuity.

What this means to our clients, is that we know about issues before they do. Threshold failures generate alerts prompting response that rectifies issues before symptoms become apparent. This is zero impact incident management. While all very technical, what it really means is that we are alerted to system admin tasks such as storage capacity before it runs short. This avoids trouble shooting why you can’t save your file, but what it means to the bottom line is that the old way of performing routine maintenance whether required or not is abolished. Labor is spent only on work that requires it, and in the designated order of importance.

The leading edge automation techniques that we continually work to develop free our technicians so that they can focus on change and improvement projects. Our Event management initiatives also help tackle managing problems, which are more than single break-fix scenarios, and often exhibited by little ongoing issues. Problems can be difficult to establish the root cause of, however this can be made easier through the use of good data collection. Reporting then enables us to be proactive when looking for typical issues, and highly effective when reacting to the type of issues that have a single root cause, yet present changing and varied symptoms.

Change is also something that can be highly automated and our systems and method allow us to configure rules to automate the role out of an array of changes and review them in a collaborative process prior to release.

Our senior technicians employ Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) principles to analyse how systems interact with physical infrastructure, design operational requirements for power, cooling, usage and availability, and manage asset life cycles and version optimisation.

So don’t expect us to be disinterested in a basic setup. Expect us to be very good at it.


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