Local Area

Are you getting the Quality of Service (QoS) out of your network that you think you’ve paid for?

QoS involves both network bandwidth and packet latency. There are many factors that can effect this overall speed, and Bekkers has the experience to assist with the simplest of office networking, through to complex core and data centre networking. We install and maintain large tenant multi-floor configurations, as well as Campus Area Networks that connect multiple LANs, over larger distances within the same general geographic location.

We can provide advice on office layout and arrange cabling. Our experts can optimise Core/Backbone networking using the most appropriate topologies for physical link, and logical requirements. Considerations involve ensuring redundancy, ehancing speed through the use of edge devices, and security, can be maximised with well-organized Virtual LAN configurations that segment user devices and information systems.

Interlinking your data centre stack is the Data Center Network (DCN), which forms the fabric that coordinates computational and storage relay. Our specialists design and optimise the performance, reliability and energy use of fibre channel, copper and virtual switching to meet the demands on them.

A number of services are also delivered using network appliances, such as firewalls and security event analysis, mail filtering, load balancing, web search indexing, Citrix NetScalers for controlling the delivery of published application, and network area storage (NAS) devices. Bekkers technicians love these things.

We can supply the products, service and knowhow for any challenge you might have for us.

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This is how we run the boiler room that keeps the information flowing.


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Coverage and control with the right implementation.