Our Story

better IT solutions. best service. that’s bekkers

25 years of experience has evolved us into what we are today - an ICT powerhouse! Since 1990, we’ve not only grown with the industry in Perth, we’ve remained at the forefront of innovation and advancement. From the early days of box-building to the dial-up internet provider push during the dot-com boom, we quickly became a preferred local internet service provider for small and medium enterprise. Now, we lead the way in a much wider arena by delivering best service and better solutions in the optimisation and management of communications and information technology infrastructure.

So how did we get here? Throughout our progressive journey, it’s our staff that have helped elevate us. You see, most of our team have been with us for a decade (some even for two!) and their hard work has made so much possible. With personalities, backgrounds and technical interests that may be broad, they’re all equally competitive and passionate about what they can do. Just a hint - avoid the lunch room if you can’t stand tech speak, as they’re known to be an enthusiastic lot!

Yet, what binds us is our true blue, work hard, play hard attitude and we all call Western Australia our home. Bekkers is proud to be one hundred percent Australian owned and locally operated. Our strong, local allegiance has given rise to an equally important pledge, to never outsource any work or processes to overseas vendors. We will not compromise when it comes to meeting the world’s highest security protocols, and using an offshore alternative or partner can mean just that! 

Some of our many milestones over the years include the birth of Bam Creative in 2002, and the relocation of our data centre in 2005 within our wholly owned premises, to accommodate our significant growth. An ongoing commitment to continuous advancement has contributed to our intelligence and capability in offering numerous competitive products. One of which is providing a comparable option to major technology installations while offering the personal attention that faceless providers simply can’t give. We’ve also introduced our Workplace Recovery Suite, which enables clients to complete their business continuity plan by including workplace recovery that’s affordable and ideally situated for ready access. We work smarter to not only support clients, but drive them forward.

We have put years of development into automation that gives us a proactive edge, rather than a traditional, reactive approach that other vendors can only muster. Our people never stop researching, improving and advancing our systems and procedures. We’re well respected as a highly skilled, end-to-end service provider, that’s even been endorsed to supply advice and services to the WA government. We strive to provide our customers with the resources larger providers offer, but without the cost that their lumbering approaches incur. Our customer service is ‘gold’ and continuously monitored for improvement - if that’s at all possible! For years now, we’ve been selected by many organisations to equip them with the ICT capabilities they could not otherwise afford, or find in our market segment. This is what we do, with a genuine smile!