Our Values

Our Mission

We enhance an organisation’s IT environment for optimum productivity, through proactive and personalised IT solutions, using leading/cutting edge technology, best practice in customer service and a reliable, local team of experts.

Our Values

This is what drives us, so we can be better than the rest and simply the best at what we do!

Deliver client-focussed services.

We won’t ‘cookie cut’ any of our services into rigid packages. Instead, we tailor innovative solutions to perfectly match your specific blend of IT requirements, for now and the future. It’s in our nature to remain responsive and go that extra mile – like giving you tailored reports and staying in touch, to keep your experience awesome!

Be proactive, not reactive!

It’s so much better to ‘avoid’ rather than ‘solve’ IT issues. This is why Bekkers is constantly working to develop leading edge automation techniques that detect potential issues before a customer is even aware of one! But don’t fret, the Bekkers team are experienced and geared up with advanced methods to handle absolutely any threat that may try to sneak past!

Gold service is standard.

No matter the size of an organisation, we’ll treat you like gold! There’s no bronze or silver options here! Just the best, most efficient and personalised package to suit each client’s individual business – big or small. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but some of our largest clients have stayed with us for over 25 years – that’s a huge testament to our first-rate level of service!

Stay ahead of the game.

With our preventative approach and superior processes, Bekkers staff have more time for other important stuff! Like change and improvement – which is good for you and good for us. Staying abreast of the latest trends in emerging technology and threat mitigation is how we continue to offer clients the latest and most competitive solutions in ICT Services.

Foster the best team.

The Bekkers team are like family – which may explain why most of them have stuck around for a decade or even more! From the brainiest IT geeks to empowering managers and helpful front end staff, we’re a friendly bunch who can competently fill your IT skills gap.

Keep it local.

We’re 100% Australian owned and we all call Western Australia our home. By staying local, our clients are reassured that we’re on the same page and abide by stringent, Australian privacy laws. So we promise there is absolutely no outsourcing to overseas service or technical personnel, who you may currently (yet unknowingly) be handing the keys to your castle to!