Service Support

Closed loop workflow, that’s right, closed loop. Nothing falls between the cracks.

Bekkers is heavily invested in workflow management. We are active participants in vendor and industry forums here and overseas. Our contacts in the community particularly abroad, have furnished us with knowledge transfer that is simply not available to in-house IT department personnel.

Our integrated systems combine Professional Services Automation (PSA), IT Service Management (ITSM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to deliver triaged, scheduled and coordinated processes that ensure that input into the system reaches the desired conclusion.

There is no single point of failure for our single point of contact approach. All types of contact whether through our customer portal, phone or email, are all entered into the system, where multiple service level triggers, personnel and escalation points all oversee task progress.

Incident management and Request fulfilment are fundamental to operations. We provide many clients with a single-point-of-contact for all their ICT needs. Our first tier service desk support team provide assistance with any issue that arises with desktop facilities, network connectivity, as well as many specialised business applications. They are trained to investigate, isolate and mitigate the impact of problems as they present. Our main goal is to provide high fixed-on-first rates, but to also ensure a standard of due diligence that enables effective response when issues are escalated to second, and third tier support personnel. These response services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our service team routinely maintains knowledge bases on all client accounts and is a product that can be made available. In fact all aspects of our services and contract terms can be scaled to meet your needs. We do offer fixed fee arrangements so that operating expenses can be planned for, but we do not bundle our clients into option A, B or C. Instead we are always flexible and consider tailored inclusions in order to offer the best possible value, and service. No matter the service you are after our shared resources will help you avoid large establishment costs and capitalise on economy of scale.

If you choose to consolidate your ICT needs with us, you will never need to juggle, and chase, or hammer things together yourself again.

Systems Admin

This is how we run the boiler room that keeps the information flowing.

Solution & Service Design

Meeting the top with design foundations that deliver on your promises.


Housing within our data centre is available.

Infrastructure as a Service

We have everything already, just pay as you go.