Capital expenditure is critical to your business as it is ours.

Bekkers has been on the frontline of the supply chain for 25 years and knows how to coordinate and manage relationships with vendors. We translate complex product versioning, warranties and licensing into meaningful benefits for decision making.

There is often a lot more involved than one would like in order to go from a purchase decision to a functional business outcome. Our sales and project champions use the same workflow management systems as our technical staff, which empowers them to track requests through their life cycle, yet they are often required to think outside the box to deal with nuances encountered at various stages. This extra work is not itemised, and will only be seen as all part of the service.

We procure all manner of computing hardware and software, while also having in place the systems and infrastructure to offer options that allow you to avoid capital expenditure, and opt for all such solutions as a service.

Enterprise Mobility

Business 2.0: How far do you want to go in the new economy?

Cloud Backup

Solutions for any budget and any lengths to protect your data.


Publish it to the internet, your cloud, or middle manage services running between businesses.

Voice, Video & More

Don’t leave your communications in the last century.