Running short on a project, or you can’t find the source of the problem and Google is no use?

Then you had better call Bekkers. We can provide remote or onsite assistance when the unexpected happens.

The first thing to do is call us. Our staff will qualify the nature of the problem and allocate an appropriate technical member to assist.

Our experience with the very, very many different technologies and their configurations will provide you with the necessary expertise to return to business as usual. We have helped businesses recover from crippling network issues, the effects of critical infrastructure failures, as well as the effects of ransomware that has encrypted business critical information. We have also been called in to help see projects over the line, where in-house expertise have become unavailable, or the complexity of the work has exceeded initial assessments. No matter the case, Bekkers is a resource you can count on.

Service Support

Here’s how we empower ease of access to your ICT needs.

Solution & Service Design

Meeting the top with design foundations that deliver on your promises.

Infrastructure as a Service

We have everything already, just pay as you go.

Disaster Suite

Whether as planned, or just this emergency, we have made room to help.