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Wireless connectivity is common place today, particularly here in Western Australia. We can offer a number of solutions for remote site connectivity, be it ruggedized or economical.

When rolling out, or improving your existing Wi-Fi network, our focus is on ease-of-use, capacity and interference. Overlap is often a greater contributor to interference than physical obstacles, so to ensure quality and capacity, we combine the use of fewer access points with leading antenna technologies, and sophisticated heat mapping analytics to ensure effective coverage. Overall, ease-of-use is achieved through centralised management platforms for administration and reporting, while user connectivity can be made simple even with the strictest of security requirements.

If you are aiming to introduce of BYOD policy to your network, Bekkers can evaluate your existing Wi-Fi access to tackle common pain points before impacting the user experience. Talk to us about Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions before opening the flood gates.


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