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We provision a number of our client networks for efficient VoIP communications. We also supply, install and manage IP handsets and PBX systems from different vendors. The type of phones available include wired, wireless and softphones that run as software on desktop computers and other devices.

Our experience with Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) solutions is extensive. In combination with point-to-point VPN, Multimedia communication can be established across secure and stable lines. This type of setup can connect you seamlessly from home and allow a regional office to function as though it were a part of the main office.

The next advancement is unified communications. It is the consolidation of data and communication onto your network that makes the integration of different communication mediums, and business processes possible. A number of systems combine real time and non-real time services to allow personnel to be sent a message on one device, but receive it on another. It means that you can retrieve your voice messages from your email or mobile, or be reached on your desk phone and mobile via the same contact number. Presence information is also possible and will introduce a new dynamic in productivity by knowing the availability of contacts in real time. Unifying your communications will make any Enterprise Mobility initiative whole.

Video conferencing options now are extremely varied. Bekkers can provide video capabilities via handsets, desktop computers and web platforms between single and multi-point virtual meeting rooms. When procuring, configuring and managing dedicated physical meeting room equipment, our experience balancing demands on Quality of Service (QoS) is where we can make a difference to your face time experiences.

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