What you’d expect and much more.

We can tailor requirements that include domain name hosting and web server facilities for your site. We also have a local award winning industry partner in digital marketing that can turn an existing site, into a web presence.

Hosting today however extends to, well, Everything as a Service (XaaS). So over and above Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Bekkers can provide hosting for systems, communications, and all manner of virtualised infrastructure from networking, security to middleware integration.

Even a business of five people can take advantage of hosting options with us. If for example all that is needed is access to email, a couple of business applications, Office and files, then Bekkers can deliver this to your team, on their own devices, anywhere they care to access them. All you need is an internet connection.

Service Support

Here’s how we empower ease of access to your ICT needs.

Systems Admin

This is how we run the boiler room that keeps the information flowing.

Solution & Service Design

Meeting the top with design foundations that deliver on your promises.

Enterprise Mobility

Business 2.0: How far do you want to go in the new economy?