Disaster Suite

Planning for recovery is not planning for continuity.

Bekkers is serious about, and astute to regulatory needs, but more importantly, the continuity of business. To complete our total solution is our Workplace Recovery Suite (WRS1). This shared service makes having an offsite premises just for your Business Continuity Plan affordable. It is however the opportunity to truly realise continuity of services. Existing clients are able to cutover to co-located replicas and then arrive on-site and login to their standard desktop environment, and carry on.

WRS1 is private, equipped with VoIP, Desktop PCs and Wi-Fi access. Just bring your picture frames.

Security, Compliance & Continuity

Resilience in the Information Age.

Enterprise Mobility

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Cloud Backup

Solutions for any budget and any lengths to protect your data.

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Don’t leave your communications in the last century.