Solution & Service Design

Technical and business intelligence. Not always necessitated by the other.

Our specialists in virtualisation, hosting and integration can produce specifications to meet any requirements, but seldom do so from a green state. We have a great deal of experience fitting into and realigning existing solutions.

Few of our client’s business solutions operate in isolation. We can show you how your systems can work better together, so that technical solutions work hand in hand with each other, as well as your business applications. We also integrate and support a number of document management solutions to meet a range of needs and budget.

When integrating our own systems, we have continuously sort to improve our workflow. From front-of-house functions to in-house business services, Bekkers can share decades of experience with the systems and processes that keep practises lean and cost effective.

Systems Admin

This is how we run the boiler room that keeps the information flowing.

Security, Compliance & Continuity

Resilience in the Information Age.

Cloud Backup

Solutions for any budget and any lengths to protect your data.


Publish it to the internet, your cloud, or middle manage services running between businesses.