Security, Compliance & Continuity

Vulnerability is not a superhero power.

We work with clients in industries where compliance cannot be ignored and mandates accurate documentation and administration of access controls and procedures. We have guided the implementation of differing levels of commitment to practises and technologies for privacy and retention of information. What’s more our senior staff have industry experience ranging from the outset of phone phreaking to modern layered intrusion methods, and are only too familiar with developments in ransomware, its removal and more importantly, prevention via a range of relatively inexpensive solutions.

One of our primary goals when asked for help is to bring our client’s systems in line with Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) standards for threat mitigation. The main focus is systems and network hardening, however a number of cloud services can also be employed to form a layer of protection from outside your network. The next level involves the implementation of Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solutions that can tackle live and ongoing threats, and manage appropriate use by authorised users. For organisations that are required to comply with certain security standards, a SIEM solution can contribute to that compliance, but also allow ease reporting on that compliance.

While privacy is a growing concern protecting business information from disaster is paramount. We currently offer clients many varied solutions, but recommend considering the high-tech solutions that no longer accompany such a price tag. Our commitment to the complete outsource of Business continuity plans (BCP) for ICT, and business operations continues to be realised through our Disaster Suite, which has been made available for clients to setup, and carryon even if their office is in cinders.

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Security as a Service

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Disaster Suite

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