Cloud Backup

Cloud backup means more than just offsite storage.

Bekkers senior specialists manage site replications from on premise private clouds, back to our data centre, as well as public clouds. We typically manage the process end-to-end, including the data network provider, storage solution, and monitoring.

We offer a number of scaled approaches to disk-to-disk backup, be they scheduled runs, or continuous incremental backups for offsite duplication.

Our Public cloud backup partner Asigra, offers all of this and more. In place of VPN or costly dedicated links, Asigra’s frame relay of data uses defence grade encryption, both in flight and when stored. Even if your regulatory requirements require tape media, cloud backups can provide ready access, as well as insure plus-one protection.

We can also incorporate business continuity measures that replicate environments to a temporary site of your own, or for access from our Disaster Suite.

Get in contact with us and let’s discuss your cloud backup requirements.

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Housing within our data centre is available.

Disaster Suite

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