About Us

After 25 years, you cannot avoid change.

Bekkers is no exception. We have grown with the industry in Perth, from the early days of box-building and supporting peer-to-peer token ring networks, to the dial-up internet provider push during the dot-com boom. We quickly became a known local ISP for small, and medium enterprise capable of extending technical support to all aspects of now both communications, and information technology.

Throughout, our staff have been a big part of who we are. The majority of whom have been with us for a decade or more, and it is their hard work that has made so much possible. The diversity of personalities and backgrounds makes for an interesting family. Their technical interests are broad, and are all competitive about it. We recommend you avoid the lunch room if you can’t stand tech speak. Yet we all call Western Australia home. Bekkers is a hundred percent Australia owned and will continue to be locally operated, as we are committed to the belief that there is good in the world by contributing to that good, right here where we live.

Some of the many milestones include the birth of BAM Creative in 2002, which now specialises in web design and digital marketing. In 2005 our data centre was relocated within our wholly owned premises to accommodate significant growth. Ongoing improvements have ensured our capacity to provide clients a comparable option to major installations, while offering the personal attention that faceless providers simply cannot. We have also unveiled our Workplace Recovery Suite, which enables clients to complete their business continuity plan by including workplace recovery that is ideally situated for ready access to their ICT needs.

Today, Bekkers is lean and a highly capable Managed Service Provider. We have been endorsed to supply advice and services to the WA government, in part because we strive to provide our customers with the resources larger providers offer, but without the cost that their lumbering approaches incur. We are Event Management experts, and have put years of development into automation. Our investment in our hosting and co-location services, the continuity of those services, and the adoption of virtualisation began well before the hype of Cloud Computing. We have been providing many organisations with the ICT capability they could not otherwise afford, or find in our market segment.